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Self care : Necessity Not Luxury

Self care : Necessity Not Luxury

I was listening to an old The Receipts podcast this weekend with guest Tanya Compass, creator of Exist Loudly, and there was a part that really stood out. They were discussing how choosing yourself is the first step to healing broken relationships. Whether it be...

Hair Politics

Hair Politics

This week I declined the invitation to play at an upcoming festival that I’d been invited down to review for Bristol 24/7 last year. Due to a sense of loyalty to the organisers I allowed myself to be silenced after an occurrence with security but after being asked to play this year and the issue […]

Sound Industry: Bristol Women in Music

Bristol’s music scene is a popular one. Respected worldwide for its wide range of genres and influences, its output is both diverse and varied. Unfortunately, though, it’s still heavily male-dominated – both at the forefront and behind the scenes. Bristol Women in Music want to change this, as a collective of women in the music industry […]

Mass, Bristol Old Vic

Do we still need religion? That’s the question that was asked when I went to Mass. Now this wasn’t any normal kind of Mass…. I assume normal Mass doesn’t have a pyre of Otis Reading and Aretha Franklin and kick off with free cider. If it did I may have attended before! When I was […]

Abulations, Bristol Old Vic

Here’s a question. When does a habit turn into an addiction? If you have a couple of glasses of wine in the evening does that make you an alcoholic? Followed by a couple of painkillers in the morning before work, are you an addict? Abulations is a play based on a bar-tenders notes and outlines […]

Streetfest Vs Carnival

Did NOT realise there was so much to Nelson Street! Jig-tastic music everywhere, (somehow it always sounds better when its free) and graffiti that totally blew me away. Saturday was standardly rammed, and all the different areas were awesome. Sunday was a more chilled affair but I went down to do some busking at the […]