So you want to know a bit about me?! Well ok then, but there’s a lot to say so if there are certain areas you’d like to know more about – head to the services pages where you can deep dive! 

I’ve never been one to follow a straight career path, a true multi-hyphenate with many different strings to my bow. I love to learn new things, collaborate with new minds and build communities out of individuality. My career path is not linear and I never wanted it to be because there are so many avenues that interest and excite me. This flexibility and a solid work ethic matched with a perfectionist nature has meant that most things I’ve tried, I’ve enjoyed and been good at, have been able to tie together multiple streams of work that fulfil, challenge and excite me. My colourful portfolio career is based on values of authenticity, identity, compassion and honesty. I do not work with people or organisations who don’t align with these values and make sure that everything I create stands up to those pillars- for me and those I collaborate with.

My mixed-race background has meant that I have lived my life in the in between, seeing the disparity of wealth, access, confidence and opportunity between a variety of backgrounds but with personal experience of experiencing the straddle between race and class which is what has led me to the work that I do. I’m not afraid of complex conversations because I’ve been questioning the sense of belonging since I was born. I’m not interested in hearing the same stories from the same people, I want to make content which springboards into conversation for everyone to delve deeper into their understanding of themselves and others. I want my creativity to be a catalyst for empowerment and change – it’s how I pick the projects I work on and how I measure success for, by asking myself ‘did it matter?’


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Inclusion and Diversity Consultant

Are you in need of some inclusion and diversity consultancy? Whether an individual or an organisation, I can help you find the blocks that are getting in the way, seeing where the gaps are and helping you find ways to fill them.


Broadcaster & Presenter

Do you want someone who is passionate about complex, nuanced topics delivered with confidence and compassion?  Lots of voices that never get heard because they fall between the intersections of society – theirs are the stories I want to tell the most. Whether it’s presenting a documentary or radio show, hosting an event or a podcast, here I am!

Content creation

Do you have a vision but aren’t sure how to bring it to life? I can find creative ways to tell your story, working with you to come up with fresh, new concepts and delivering them. Tell me the brief, I’ll generate the content!


If you’ve got a topic you’d like an opinion on, something you’d like reviewed or a subject you’d like researched, get in touch. With over 10 years of writing experience, you can click here for my latest article written for the British Council when reviewing Lagos Theatre Festival.



Are you intimidated by your creative dreams or have so many interests that you don’t know where to start? I’ve been in that boat and continue to sail in it feeling more confident in my abilities to steer every day (weird metaphor, stay with me!). I’ll always be open and honest with you, helping you to build confidence in your skills and potential. 

Or Something Else...?

I’m a very inventive person; if you think I could be a good fit for another type of project that I haven’t mentioned above, get in touch!

I love to try new things and think of new ways to harness my creativity.