I am a multidisciplinary artist, journalist and consultant based in Bristol. As a passionate storyteller, I can use my skills and training to craft stories and bring people’s experiences into the world in an accessible and creative way; especially the stories that rarely have a light shone on them. 

I acquired an NCTJ diploma whilst working in News journalism at BBC Bristol as part of an apprenticeship where I was chosen to join my regional station. Whilst there I learned a lot – about myself, about the media, about what stories were chosen and why. As a trained journalist and lover of radio and audio in general, I have amended these skills to progress in a career looking at how we can tell stories in a multitude of ways, making use of the multimedia platforms we have at our fingertips.

After taking a few years out of media to work in marketing for a major independent UK festival specialising in global music and then transitioning into inclusion and diversity consultancy and training focussing on how to make the arts more accessible to people from ‘diverse’ backgrounds alongside performing regularly as a vocalist and DJ, I recently returned to present Monumental : Bristol After Colston for BBC World. Due to having some creative control behind the screen, collaborating with the producer on script writes, story transitioning and consideration of who the piece was for, I saw that there was a space for opinion where there wasn’t before which led me to apply for the Netflix Documentary Fund to Direct a short independent film which made it to the last 21 out of over 5000 applications.


In 2016 I was invited to host a radio show on SWU FM despite not knowing how to DJ at the time – 4 years later I was invited back to host a weekly Drivetime show.  I was initially brought on board because of being a ‘personality’ but when the station reopened I was DJing on a regular basis and had gained experience as a journalist and presenter. I focus my platform on showcasing music from around the globe through interviews and music and discussing subjects based in equality. 

“We wanted Ngaio to be part of the station because she is an active DJ and a tastemaker in the music that she plays and also because of her experience in journalism and confidence in speaking about complex subjects in an accessible way. The difference her show brings lies in her efforts to bring in guests – especially people that might not necessarily be in her own echo chamber. She doesn’t pick guests for clout or because they make her look good, it all comes from a genuine interest in who they are and what they do. She’s great to work with as a colleague – professional, reliable and communicative. Even if she didn’t tell us what she had planned for the show, we know it will always deliver”

– Ollie, Head at SWU FM


After helping to organise the first Bristol Black Lives Matter in 2016 I began exploring ways to reclaim space as a black woman through music, art, discussion and journalism looking at how to make the arts accessible for marginalised groups. Part of this work is what interested me in presenting Monumental for BBC World in 2020; a mini-documentary looking at what’s being done in Bristol to tackle racial inequality after the Colston statue was pulled down. I was approached by Inside Out after the Colston statue was pulled down to look at what’s being done in the city to tackle racial inequality. During this experience, I was very focused on what we wanted to achieve with the piece and the experience of the audience who would be watching it across the world. I interviewed City Mayor Marvin Rees, Superintendent Andy and Lord Mayor Cleo Lake amongst others and had a hand in scriptwriting in order to make sure accessible language was used to convey the right meanings to a variety of audiences

“It was a privilege to work with Ngaio on the BBC documentary Monumental : Bristol After Colston. Beyond her personal connection with the story, as a former pupil of Colston’s Girls’ School, she brought a fascination with the subject and an openness to seek out new perspectives. She has an effervescent energy and a bombastic sense of humour which all comes across in her broadcasting”

– Alastair McKenzie, Producer of Monumental, Inside Out

Monumental Preview

Slavery Remembrance Day – CNET


Local Apprenticeship Piece on BBC site

As part of the BBC Local Radio Apprenticeship scheme held at BBC Radio Bristol, I was responsible for sourcing original stories for TV (Points West) and Radio (Breakfast, Mid Morning). Booking guests, writing cues, recording and editing audio, being the face of BBC when meeting/greeting clients and guests. Recording and editing audio in a fast-paced environment that is of BBC quality for quick broadcast turnover. I pitched a story at 9am and it aired at 5pm.

I then pitched by myself to open communications with unheard communities in the city. I researched active organisations in my ‘postcode remit’, developed a strategy that would work on radio and digital, and linked communities across Bristol with each other as well as the BBC. I subsequently produced a series of audio packages to run across Breakfast and Mid Morning that would highlight what each community is doing to tackle a common issue in their area (e.g inclusion, food waste).

“A true pleasure to have with us here in Bristol and extremely creative and hard-working.I sincerely believe that an organisation such as the BBC requires people like Ngaio to make sure we both reflect and demonstrate what is best in both production and listener engagement. I was always confident Ngaio would be a big success in the future, having worked alongside her and seen just how dedicated she is, I am pleased to report I made the right call.” 

David Aston, Head of Programmes. BBC Radio Bristol

“Ngaio brought in several stories, many of which have led to news programmes and have shown a high-class level of creativity and insight. On a professional level I have found Ngaio a joy to work with, she is attentive and full of life. She would make an excellent addition to any team.”

Pete Simson, Breakfast Producer, BBC Radio Bristol


Vulnerable Event – Arnolfini

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Inclusion and Diversity Consultant

Are you in need of some inclusion and diversity consultancy? Whether an individual or an organisation, I can help you find the blocks that are getting in the way, seeing where the gaps are and helping you find ways to fill them.


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Do you want someone who is passionate about complex, nuanced topics delivered with confidence and compassion?  Lots of voices that never get heard because they fall between the intersections of society – theirs are the stories I want to tell the most. Whether it’s presenting a documentary or radio show, hosting an event or a podcast, here I am!

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Do you have a vision but aren’t sure how to bring it to life? I can find creative ways to tell your story, working with you to come up with fresh, new concepts and delivering them. Tell me the brief, I’ll generate the content!


If you’ve got a topic you’d like an opinion on, something you’d like reviewed or a subject you’d like researched, get in touch. With over 10 years of writing experience, you can click here for my latest article written for the British Council when reviewing Lagos Theatre Festival.



Are you intimidated by your creative dreams or have so many interests that you don’t know where to start? I’ve been in that boat and continue to sail in it feeling more confident in my abilities to steer every day (weird metaphor, stay with me!). I’ll always be open and honest with you, helping you to build confidence in your skills and potential. 

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I’m a very inventive person; if you think I could be a good fit for another type of project that I haven’t mentioned above, get in touch!

I love to try new things and think of new ways to harness my creativity.