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What Do We Do Now?

What Do We Do Now?

Well...what a thoroughly depressing outcome that was. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve had many conversations with people who’ve told me the Tory’s will win, nothing will change, this was their plan all along and it’s better to be realistic. My reply to all these...

We Have To Be Woke

First published on Bristol 24/7 as new columnist, Friday Feb 23, 2018 “Theresa May, where’s the money for Grenfell? What you thought we just forgot about Grenfell? You criminals, and you got the cheek to call us savages. You should do some jail time, you should pay some damages, we should burn your house down and […]

Lemonade: Beyoncé’s sweetest lemons

Pray You Catch Me The album opens with Beyoncé looking down with graffiti in the background, presented in fur and corn rows. A vulnerable admission of infidelity begins: ‘I’m praying to catch you whispering, I pray you catch me listening’ As the word ‘intuition’ comes up on the screen Warsan Shire’s words spoken by Beyoncé. ‘You remind […]