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Festival Responsibility

Festival Responsibility

As festival season draws closer, I’m forced to ask - which ones are actually taking responsibility? Some of you may or may not have seen the recent call-out from Stormzy to Snowbombing Festival. Calling out the festival on Instagram Stories, Stormzy alleged that his...

Bristol Love

Bristol Love

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to write about the amazing things that have been happening but it’s been mad busy so I’m letting myself off. To kick off with the most important recap…. ST PAUL’S CARNIVAL!!!! Let me say first and foremost; thank you the residents of St Pauls for letting the […]

Reclaiming Space at Boomtown Fair

It’s no secret that I’ve moved and worked in predominantly white spaces since my youth. Growing up as a mixed race child in the middle of rural Wales was not an easy experience; though one that I value due to the immense love I now have for nature, it instilled a feeling of ‘otherness’ in […]

Cypress Hill Interview #FanGirl

Cypress Hill, one of the most versatile and iconic hip hop acts of a generation, are playing at what is arguably one of the most trailblazing music festivals on offer (no I’m not biased…) Boomtown! Having written 8 studio albums and experimenting on each with different sounds, they are a perfect choice for the independent […]

LSTD 2015

  I cannot believe how long it’s taken me to write about Love Saves The Day. In my defence, I was up in Birmingham getting job training for the  month and only managed to shoot back for the long weekend before going back again – the fun never stops! I have to say, I didn’t […]

Streetfest Vs Carnival

Did NOT realise there was so much to Nelson Street! Jig-tastic music everywhere, (somehow it always sounds better when its free) and graffiti that totally blew me away. Saturday was standardly rammed, and all the different areas were awesome. Sunday was a more chilled affair but I went down to do some busking at the […]

Festivality Casualty

  Having barely recovered from Secret Garden Party, along comes Boomtown! Now, I love a festival as much as the next raver. I fully  embrace my hippy side by wearing mismatched clothes, waving farewell to any sense of personal hygiene (bar the mandatory baby wipe shower), chattin breeze to individuals never to be seen again, and generally […]

Shambala bala bala

Well well, here we are in September already! Why does the summer always have to go by so quickly? I feel like I’ve barely seen the sun in between working and gigging! However, it is an amazingly lovely day today, which is nice to wake up to. So, biggest achievement in August was playing at […]