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The Beginning of Blackbird

The Beginning of Blackbird

One day to go until #blackbird is in the world... This song has been inside me since I realised at 5 years old that people weren't looking at me the same as they were looking at my mum. The first time in Wales I was asked if opened my banana the way 'people from the...

RIP Aretha Franklin, Never Forgotten

RIP Aretha Franklin, Never Forgotten

The Queen has left us, Miss Aretha Franklin. Aretha you did so much for me you’ll never know. You showed me what it was to be black and proud growing up in a tiny town with not another brown face in sight. You taught me to sing You taught me RESPECT You taught me how […]

Spreading The ❤️

I don’t think I’ve celebrated the ‘true meaning’ of Valentine’s Day since I was 21. It was my first boyfriend and we did everything right; I cooked a three course meal based around Guinness (his favourite drink), he gave me a Valentine’s card with the sweetest of messages and a bouquet of red roses…which made […]

Cypress Hill Interview #FanGirl

Cypress Hill, one of the most versatile and iconic hip hop acts of a generation, are playing at what is arguably one of the most trailblazing music festivals on offer (no I’m not biased…) Boomtown! Having written 8 studio albums and experimenting on each with different sounds, they are a perfect choice for the independent […]

Freetown Sound: A Review of the Political New Album from Blood Orange

The blues, a genre born from songs sung on slave ships to release pain and spark hope, is one that is deeply embedded in the black community. Maturing in Mississippi Delta, just upriver from New Orleans (the birthplace of jazz) the two have been closely linked ever since; strongly rooted in African-American history. Over the past […]