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Diversity is inviting someone to the party. Inclusion is asking them to dance.

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I am angered by how few steps we have taken. My heart is aching for my #Nigerian brothers and sisters, I cannot fathom the atrocities you are facing. And even when I look at this England, who refuse to not only accept the part they have played but have also denounced critical race theory and white privilege at a time where Nigerian youths are being left bloodied by their legacy... words fail me.

For those in the #diaspora it is hard to not feel helpless right now. People tell me that they don't always know what to say, that they don't have the words – well I've written some. I don't have any answers. Right now, all I can do is offer #Blackbird as a catalyst for others to express themselves and their frustrations at this situation.

What do you feel and why? What have we grown up understanding about black people? What have we embraced, what have we experienced, what has our collective communities gone through? What would we be without Black culture and what are we prepared to do to keep it – and its people – alive?

The full music video for Blackbird drops November 1st πŸ–€πŸ•ŠοΈ

#EndSARS #endsarsnow #blacklivesmatter #allblacklives #blackliveseverywhere #useyourvoice #lagos #nigeria #westafrica #africa

4 years...feels like longer. Big things happened this year, things I'd loved to have talked to you about. You said I'd do great things... Hope I'm doing us proud. I love you πŸ–€

My big sister
Twin sister to look at
You know the nurse thought I was older than you
If you were awake you would have laughed
I did, on your behalf
But the sound was hollow and rude.

This version of you wont be the face of my memories
I'll remember you the way that you should be
Vibrant and proud
Unapologetically loud
Standing tall and bold above me.

Walking with your head high,
I never saw you cry until that first time
When the pain was too much
Realising we'd run out the clock
And time was no longer on our side.

My big, bold, beautiful sister
You make me walk taller every day
I'll always have needed you longer
But the time we had bonded us stronger
Than we were yesterday

Hands Up #Night #WAP crew πŸ’¦πŸ™‹πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ€­

Just got the decks back and woiiii feels good to be tweaking them buttons again 🀀

Woke up thinking about the potentials for this @iamcardib @sheistheestallion / @iambenga @coki_dmz blend - hold tight the gas levels when it comes together πŸ˜‚β›½

Catch me with the @bootybassdj crew 9-10pm tomorrow @lakotagardens for my 1st play out since the back bruk - coming out on a quickfire shelling for the last of summer Autumn Carnival πŸ‚πŸŽ§πŸ

Heard it's SOLD OUT so you know it's gonna be a viiiibe following on from @tashlc @djpolo_ @dancehallgenerals πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

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Me & my creamy finger dressed in sequins, did facemasks and re-upped the purple fro for a new blog post cause self love is the best love πŸ’œ

Brief guide on the dyes I use, why I use them and the process - thought it best to do now cause I'm feeling a change for the new season...πŸ‘€

I'm also now a proud ambassador of @kitchencosmeticsltd - a black, female owned hair/skin care cosmentics company based in the UK who I met @blackgirlcon last year. Check out their range via the bottom link in my bio-tree!

Also featuring @root2tip @arcticfoxhaircolor @colourfreedomofficial

#purplefro #purplehair #afro #afrohair #moisturise #style #allnatural

***ANNOUNCEMENT*** Meet your new @swu.fm Thursday Drivetime personalitaaay 😝😝😝

Catch me 5-7pm on your FM dials from October 29th playing eclectic shit, chatting eclectic ish, being an eclectic bitch β›½β›½β›½

Will have an upload form on my website before launch (October 23rd) for anyone & everyone to upload their music, poetry, bants, whatever you think I might like (keep it clean) til then you can email me on ngaiomusic@gmail.com

It's been a mad journey to get the station back, huge props to @ollie303 @koastdurkledisco for keeping the dream alive. Long live #underground #music

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Remember your mask pals x 😷
Also, tomorrow's the last day you can watch #Monumental on actual TV via @bbcworldservice - but it'll still be on @bbciplayer for the next 20ish days β˜€οΈ
#bbc #bbcpresenter #worldservice #monumental #representationmatters #presenter #journalist #bristol #colston

My full brown face & purple afro are on @bbciplayer and it is blowing my MIND 🀯 Link in bio
Thank you so much to everyone for all the kind words about the documentary - I'm receiving DMs, emails, messages, GIFs and I'm saving them ALL to remind myself of why I do this when I get cold feet/the insecurities set in - because they do!
I've been so nervous about this going out because I wanted it to reflect my community and my city as much as it could. I wanted it to tackle some big questions but leave with some answers - and more importantly hope. Above all I wanted there to be a brown girl from Bristol on the screen for the next generation (and 2bh anyone) to see and know that we can be anywhere.
Representation is everything - you cannot see yourself where you don't see yourself - and I hope that this chips a dent in any glass ceiling someone else has set. We are consistently undervalued and underestimated but make no mistake; with our creativity, intelligence, resilience and life experience, you best believe - We are Magic πŸ’«
#bristol #tv #presenter #monumental #bbcworld #bbcnews #journalist #blackgirlmagic #browngirlmagic #representationmatters #mixedrace #english #nigerian #igbodelta #yoruba #welsh #colston #racialjustice #equality

Cannot express how good it feels to have been able to make this 15 years after leaving school where I was voted 'Most likely to end up in jail' in my yearbook πŸ™ƒ
Big ups to the crew @officialmichaeljenkins
@di.on__ @alastairmckee & Tom Bigwood
#Repost @bbcwest
Monumental: Black Bristol After Colston.

Ngaio went to a school named after a slave trader.

Now she presents an international documentary exploring the persistent racial inequality in her home city.

It’s a must watch.

On Saturday 18 July at 1330 & 1730 BBC News Channel.
#bristol #westcountry #bbcnews #documentarynow