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Diversity is inviting someone to the party. Inclusion is asking them to dance.

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The Blackbird Music Video is OUT NOW on @igtv @youtube @vimeo & @facebook exactly 1 year since We Fly was released and I get to share the music video with you featuring these utter QUEENS.

I didn't release a teaser for them because honestly when they come into shot I burst into tears every time.

This day was so full of joy - I put a shout out on socials for anyone who wanted to be in the music video and these beauties turned up to Ashton Court Mansion in their Native clothing whilst we listened to afrobeats, cackled without fear and drank prosecco.

It was a day I will never forget and the reason this music video had to make it past the finish line. Thank you all for being a part of the day. I'm so excited for you to see the end product ❀❀❀

Make up @leannejxxxx
πŸ“Έ @charleywilliamsphoto

Please do engage with whatever platform is best for you- the 1st 24 hours is the most important! Like, share, comment, all that great stuff. It really is so helpful for me

Thank you so much - hope you like it!! βœŠπŸ½πŸ–€

Youtube: https://youtu.be/lx6DgjiD1Fs

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/tv/CHDHNEVju84/?igshid=vfsvvdmnog66

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=659299254788816

#blackbird #blacklivesmatter #blacklivesmattereverywhere #endsars #English #nigerian #mixedrace #mixedculture #multicultural #musician

Do you want me to decipher my DNA? Explain my skin pigment, class, and grade...? I'm mixed race, that's how I look like this...

I love this scene so much 😍 It makes my heart swell each time seeing myself surrounded by my family, the people who make me, me. I am a multicultural musician and a multifaceted person with decades of ancestry on each side - as is the same with all of us. The only difference is that it's clear I come from 2 different racial backgrounds.

What people don't know is that according to my DNA as well as being #English and #Nigerian I am also #Welsh #Igbo #Scottish #Yoruba #Irish #Ghanaian #Norwegian and with links in #Benin and #Congo

I am incredibly proud of where I come from because I have taken the time to dig into my ancestry, understand where my family ties weave, and piece together an understanding of the richness that has come before me. It hasn't been easy and it is a constant journey but is one that I am happy and proud to be on.

Where are you from?


Where are you REALLY from?

#Blackbird drops TOMORROW 1 NOV πŸ•ŠοΈπŸ–€

πŸ“Έ the wonderful @aodh_film

Music video big screening @waitwhatibiza next Saturday @lakotagardens along with some tune spinning from yours truly also πŸ’ƒπŸ½ Link in bio

I am SO DELIGHTED to share with you my first ever Drivetime guest for @swu.fm - the incredible @pennyfroreal

I've been following Penny for a while as a natural hairstyling Queen and recently saw her post about being mixed race and immediately hit her up to be a guest on my Drivetime show - which is a show dedicated to championing culture and open discussions

We talk about being mixed race, black lives matter and the importance of mental health as well as the Blackbird music video (out this Sunday) and what she thought as one of the only people who have seen it. As well as her picking some πŸ”₯ empowering tracks and talking a bit about them.

Really looking forward to you all hearing our chat and would love to know what you think of my first show (I'm nervous, not gonna lie)


#bristol #radio #presenter #pennyfroreal #naturalhair #mixedchicks #chatradio #blacklivesmatter #mixedcurls #mixedrace #culture #identity #community #representation

Trigger Warning : Violence, extortion, police brutality

I had hoped to start my Mixed Bag podcast on a lighter note but I really felt this interview needed to go out sooner rather than later. The full episode is up now on @acastforthestories - link in bio.

The #EndSARS movement has been on my timeline for the past 3 weeks - just over a week ago I called @longlegsdntmind who I met in #Lagos in February to get a clearee understanding of what was going on.

If you are aware of what's happening but aren't sure of the details, it's 35 minutes long so please do have a listen - link in bio. There also ways you can still help, even from the #diaspora to show #Nigeria that she is not alone.

Thank you to all those who provided time/support to make this podcast happen

#blacklivesmatter #allblacklives #blacklivesstillmatter #blacklivesmattereverywhere #educateyourself #amixedbag #podcast #new

I'll be taking over the @shambalafest instagram tomorrow for the exclusive release of my 'Making History' mix on their app. It's something different to what I normally do, this is a musical narrative accompanied by a blog post highlighting some of the issues the chosen music covers. I am really bloody proud of it. Big up to the crew for reaching out πŸ–€β 
In their words...⁠
SAVE THE DATE! Tuesday (27th), NGAIO will be taking over the reigns over on our Instagram sharing tunes, ideas and resources that inspired her "A Making History" mix.⁠
In an App exclusive, NGAIO curates a mix that puts Black voices front and centre to look, not at the past, but at what is present so we can change the future.⁠
A schooling in 'Black political' music, Ngaio's odyssey through sound is a clarion cry that claps back at the fact whenever Black musicians speak truth to their experiences it's shelved to the confines of politics. As Ngaio puts it: "this is humanitarian music - not snapshots of history" back over there, "because history is being made RIGHT NOW. Protest music is made all year round to raise awareness of the suffering of those around the world." It's not just a bookmark for our genre libraries.⁠
She invites us to "Listen to the journey, be part of the conversation."⁠
Check back on Tuesday to catch Ngaio live, and make sure you've downloaded the App to stream her killerkiller mix! x⁠
#bristol #dj #music #politics #protest #blacklivesmatter #endsars #intersectionality #female #empowerment #african #westafrican #blackbritish #mixedrace #tribal #rnb #hiphop #rap

I am angered by how few steps we have taken. My heart is aching for my #Nigerian brothers and sisters, I cannot fathom the atrocities you are facing. And even when I look at this England, who refuse to not only accept the part they have played but have also denounced critical race theory and white privilege at a time where Nigerian youths are being left bloodied by their legacy... words fail me.

For those in the #diaspora it is hard to not feel helpless right now. People tell me that they don't always know what to say, that they don't have the words – well I've written some. I don't have any answers. Right now, all I can do is offer #Blackbird as a catalyst for others to express themselves and their frustrations at this situation.

What do you feel and why? What have we grown up understanding about black people? What have we embraced, what have we experienced, what has our collective communities gone through? What would we be without Black culture and what are we prepared to do to keep it – and its people – alive?

The full music video for Blackbird drops November 1st πŸ–€πŸ•ŠοΈ

#EndSARS #endsarsnow #blacklivesmatter #allblacklives #blackliveseverywhere #useyourvoice #lagos #nigeria #westafrica #africa

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