As a multidisciplinary artist, I can bring a variety of skills and influence to a diverse range of projects. Below are some examples of how I’ve channeled my creativity into opening conversations around identity through articles and audio pieces, educational resources and activism. If you’re in need of a creative mind, click the button below!

CASE STUDY -director – tegan documentary

Ngaio directed the documentary about Tegan Vincent-Cooke, a Black woman with cerebral palsy and dystonia from Fishponds who is Bristol’s horse rider who’s goal to complete for Team Great Britain in the 2024 Paralympics.

Netflix commissions documentary about aspiring Bristol Paralympian

News / television By Martin Booth, Thursday May 27, 2021 A documentary about a Bristol horse rider’s goal to compete for Team GB in the 2024 Paralympics has been funded by Netflix. Tegan Vincent-Cooke is a Black woman with cerebral palsy and dystonia from Fishponds, whose story will be told by Ngaio Anyia and Aodh Breathnach.

CASE STUDY – Activist – a year since colston – what next?

In June 2020, the world looked at Bristol during the uprising triggered by the murder of George Floyd. After Colston fell, a global conversation began on how should we remember those with contentious histories? Ngaio was amongst other speakers that discussed the publics thoughts on what to do next a year after Colston was taken down.

A Year Since Colston – What Next? – St Pauls Carnival

On the 7th June 2020, all eyes turned to Bristol as the focus of the uprising triggered by the murder of George Floyd in the US reached our city. After Colston fell, an intense conversation was reignited across the globe; how should we remember those with contentious histories?

CASE StuDY – Identity – Lagos Theatre Festival & BBC Arts

In 2019 I was sent to Lagos, Nigeria by the British council Theatre & Dance department to cover the Lagos Theatre Festival. I applied for this experience because I wanted to visit Nigeria for the first time and find out more about my heritage alongside meeting new people and making connections that I could continue once back in the UK. The theatre festival not only continued my interest in travel and arts writing, it also provided audio for my identity audio piece and provided an interview which became the first of my Mixed Bag Podcast series. I was also asked by Lagos Theatre Festival to host their Producer Hangout Instagram Live’s for their virtual festival of 2021 which had me interview theatre producers based in Nigeria, Uganda, Canada, Philadelphia, Ireland and Bath. 

As with a lot of my work, I like to make the most of every adventure I have. Whilst there I also conducted interviews and captured many field recordings which were then used for an audio piece documenting my adventure named Unknown Home, commissioned by BBC Arts – set for release in 2021. I’m currently working on an audio piece commissioned by Don’t Google It looking at the unique experience of being mixed race; being a midpoint between race and class in modern society which will be out this year.

Calling The Shots

CASE STUDY – Red Stripe to Mixed Bag

On arrival back from Lagos I was approached by Red Stripe to be part of their ambassador programme centring around championing creatives outside of London who are having a positive impact on their community due to the work they’d seen on my social media channels. This programme was meant to go towards a series of events, however, this changed when the pandemic hit. Regardless, we did begin our work together with the creation of the Mixed Bag podcast as a way to create a sense of community. The Mixed Bag podcast celebrates the range of people that I am lucky to meet in my adventures as an artist. Hosting creative guests from a range of different backgrounds, we discuss our mixed bag of interests and experiences influenced by identity and culture. 

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ngaio for over a year on a combination of small and large projects with Red Stripe all centred around the local community and bringing about active change. Ngaio’s ongoing work and presence within the Bristol music scene made her a perfect fit for being part of the collaboration and it really has been such a joyous journey working so closely with her to bring these ideas to life.

Ngaio’s enthusiasm and passion for music and the arts has been at the heart of all our interactions. Her ability to stay rooted in her purpose and continue to highlight the importance of uplifting those who are marginalised and forgotten within society has been extremely refreshing. Throughout my time in the creative industry it’s been rare to come across people who are able to speak their mind and also execute their vision which is something Ngaio has and is doing so effortlessly. I’m looking forward to us continuing to work more closely together in the near future!

CASE STUDY – Education – Bristol Beacon

I was approached by Bristol Beacon to produce engaging curriculum resources for children and young people in school settings. I’ve been enlisted to research the Hall and create resources made from mixed media, such as film, spoken word, podcast and music presented as a set of 6 week lesson plans designed to educate, inspire, and stimulate creativity. 

“Ngaio’s work has a strong and unique narrative quality that we really liked. There’s an authenticity and clarity of voice that we felt was ideal for engaging young audiences in challenging subject matter. This made Ngaio the right person to develop engaging resources for schools that tell the story of Colston Hall and its rebirth as Bristol Beacon”. 

Phil Castang, Director of Creative Learning and Engagement, Bristol Beacon


Working at an intersection between music, activism, inclusion & diversity and public speaking, my work and writing has led me to conversations with a multitude of people with different ideas, influence and interests. I pride myself on being a natural networker, bringing people together from a variety of backgrounds with common interests. Some of these connections were brought together during the summer of 2020 and the Black Lives Matter protests in the UK. Due to shielding I was unable to attend the protests and wanted to provide a space for virtual protest for all those who were unable to show their physical solidarity during the pandemic. With a group of friends, a protest website was put together for everyone to share their placards, videos, artwork and any other media they wanted to use to protest with. I also offered up my song Blackbird as a catalyst for anyone who needed inspiration or someone else’s words to channel their feelings.

Beyond The Hashtag Article

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