Voting Day

I woke up this morning before my alarm having a nightmare, remembering the Bullingdon Boys film – The Riot Club.

If you haven’t seen it, it’s an adaptation of a play that follows an Oxford secret society of the wealthiest boys (I can’t call them men) over the course of a night and scared me far more than a horror ever has.

Yes, it’s an overdramatised film but it painted a clear picture of the type of person leading the conservative party today.

When I look at Johnson or Moggs all I can see are little boys with more money than sense who have never stepped outside their tiny circle of knowledge to broaden their minds. The total lack of empathy and human interest makes me shudder. But it’s not just them, it’s a whole government without the best interests of the many at heart.

Brexit has made us feel anxious and hopeless but there is still hope. Be part of the movement that kicks out this callous Tory government, and builds an economy that works for all!

If you can, take the day off, travel to a marginal and help get the anti-Tory vote out. It’s ALL about voter turnout at this point.

This site should help you find out where you are most needed, and will put in touch with local organisers:

We need a Labour government for:

🌹Proper social care for our elderly

🌹Free education and childcare

🌹Investment to tackle the climate emergency and massive job-creation in green sectors

🌹An end to homelessness

🌹A well-funded NHS for all

🌹A pay rise and lower bills

After ten years of Tory austerity this might sound radical but Labour’s policies are considered normal in other wealthy social democratic countries.

In fact if Labour carries out all its manifesto commitments, its spending would still be lower than Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Finland and France.

This Tory government want to finish what Thatcher started.

We can stop them, but we need *everyone* to help get out there and VOTE today!!! 🌹✊🏾❤✊🏾🌹

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