As a Saggittarius, I’m used to living within chaos – in many ways I thrive in it – as long as there’s an end in sight. I am very empathetic, an eternal optimist and idealist,  who sees possibilities instead of blocks and challenges as a tool for learning and continual growth.

These are qualities I’m very happy to have, but sometimes they do steer me away from my own needs and into overwhelm. They can also aid me in looking at difficult situations with rose tinted glasses to keep my optimism when things are heading in the wrong direction. These rosy lenses have kept me bound to people and situations that should have been let go and there are occasions when I need to take them off to reassess.

My values make up who I am and are my guiding light when making decisions. They are the pillars that I refer back to when everything is becoming a whirlwind outside of myself and they are what I call back to when I look at conflicting situations. These core values have been examined and re-examined because they are my driving force. I’m not motivated by money or fame, but of leaving this big floating rock having done something positive and meaningful. I want to be a part of finding solutions, not digging my feet in around problems.

My values determine who I work with and how I hold myself accountable. If I act against them, I ask myself why? I find the triggers that are ignited and how that affects not just me but the people around me. 

One thing I found so telling about the pandemic and about where we find ourselves today, is the level of responsibility people felt for others. Not just me, here in this moment. Not just my inner circle and the people I care about, but the people who I’ll never see. 

Sadly, we are being encouraged to think of ourselves before we think about others. To be proudly selfish, imagining enemies and encouraging polarising arguments. Expecting to never have to hear an opinion you don’t like. It’s not the way I want to move through the world, because that way doesn’t allow me to learn and grow.

My core values live in:



Making A Difference



I return to these to:

Challenge myself – are you acting in accordance with your values?

Dissect conflict – are your values (and therefore your boundaries) being challenged? If so, is there an opportunity to learn here?

Make decisions – does this project/client/opportunity align with my values?

Here is a list of values that I often run through with my clients to help them identify their why. I invite you to Pick as many as you like that jump out at you (feel free to create new ones too), then filter them down to 5 and write out which each one means to you and how they show up in your life.

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