Spreading The ❤️

I don’t think I’ve celebrated the ‘true meaning’ of Valentine’s Day since I was 21. It was my first boyfriend and we did everything right; I cooked a three course meal based around Guinness (his favourite drink), he gave me a Valentine’s card with the sweetest of messages and a bouquet of red roses…which made me confused whenever I looked at them. It wasn’t that anything was wrong, it was just that it didn’t feel real – it felt forced, like we were trying to manufacture this idea of love before we really knew each other. Now, I’m not trying to blame Valentine’s Day for the demise of that particular short, sweet dip in romantic waters but it did make me even warier of the day than I had been before.

I’d always felt pretty bitter about Valentine’s Day; in school it was when everyone would get a card from their crushes and I’d get a particularly lovely one from my mum, packed in my books so I wouldn’t be quite so sad when I didn’t get one. It was school dances when the ‘ask someone to dance’ portion would pop up so I’d make a well timed toilet break which lasted for the three obligatory awkward songs. It became a day I used especially to NOT see whoever I may be hanging out with at that particular time in order to make super sure nothing got over complicated cause clearly I was SO SUPER CHILL ABOUT THE WHOLE DAY!!!

Who knew with one cheeky letter change, it could be a Galentine’s Day to celebrate all my fierce femmes?! It’s actually given me liiiiife this year because instead of avoiding February 14th like the plague, I’ve been able to organise a Galentine’s Day Drum & Bass Workout with Bumble to get endorphin happy with fellow fierce ladies, led by my good friend Kate Inez Kieran, queen of the Bristol Drum n Bass Workout class, which is amazing!

Not sure why I never realised before that I can use this day to celebrate anyone I want, it can just be those who make me feel happier every day by being in my life – which I guess may have been the point of mum’s cards in the first place, because I gave them to her every year too. SO whether it’s romantic or not, let’s use this excuse to unashamedly shower joy over everyone today.  Friend, family, significant other, cat…whatever it is, love it and yourself because you are a bad ass! And if you’re not feeling it quite yet, this is my Valentine’s Card to each and every one of you; because you are excellent in every way xxx


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