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When someone asks “so, what have you been up to?” I find myself having to judge that situation very quickly to avoid embarrassment because some people (normally close friends) genuinely want to know what I’ve been up to. It doesn’t matter how long the list is or conversation because we are both engaged in the catch up.

Then there’s people that used to be good friends but maybe you’ve drifted apart. Overall it’s best not to go into the aches and pains because although they care, they aren’t nearly as emotionally invested in you as you are (which actually I try to remember as a rule – only child syndrome).

These people want to hear the good bits with a slight mention of ‘deeper stuff’ so the conversation doesn’t feel completely superficial (because you’re better than that)

Ultimately: cliff-notes will suffice.

Then the acquaintances. These are hardest to judge due to the different levels of acquaintance but as a blanket term: they probably know what you’re doing to a degree, but they just want to hear the highlights. No guts, all glory.

I outline these ‘life people’ because I think they might also apply to readers, so if you’re an acquaintance reader – HELLO! Thanks for upping the click count, but I have no recipes or words of outrage for you today.

This is a purely self-indulgent post of my favourite style moments over the past couple of months and how they outline what I’ve been up to. If interested, please read on! If not, feel free to click away. I understand, no hard feelings.

And I did practice papers in Essential Media Law and Court Reporting Law to prep for mocks in September (still waiting to hear those results).
This particularly good hair day happened in Birmingham where I had my last block of training for my journalism apprenticeship for BBC. Whilst there I passed my shorthand exam – writing 60wpm at 97% accuracy – YAY! I can now go and report from court…as long as they talk reeeaallllyyyy sloooowly.

FYI: I have a new found, bursting love for

It’s so frikkin cheap! The sizes are so random but I normally buy bigger and alter on the sewing machine. No big.

That red skirt cost £4 and is at the top of my most-loved list.

Also, super haps with body goals being reached after 3 months of doing Keaira LaShae workouts – click the link to get to her youtube page. Highly recommended for fun fitness.

And looky here – another boohoo purchase! The jumpsuit, not Eva.

This was taken at our FIRST festival performance – Shambala 2015!!!

It was SO much fun headlining at Mr Hungs Laundry backing singing for this absolute beauty. All original tracks by Eva Lazarus with me and Naomi – The Afronaughts –  backing her and Snareophobe on the decks.

Note to self: must not get over excited & start shocking out to every tune on stage.

And finally, the last festival of the year…

Tokyo World.

I can’t lie, the whole thing went passed in a blur while I was running around getting interviews but the vibes were on point.

Spent most of my time down by main stage or the blast stage, tunes for days!

Even did my first piece to camera for Made In Bristol TV which was a thriller so big ups to everyone who took the time to chat to me.

Think this is my favourite outfit so far – jumpsuit from The leather jacket I bought oversized from a vintage fair and altered – secret seamstress tiiiiing xxx

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