How Do We Halt Harassment?

As some of you may remember, this year started off in a bittersweet way – Booty Bass had a largely successful New Years Eve party at the Plough except for a very upsetting incident in which a friend of mine was assaulted behind my back whilst I was DJing.

The series of events that followed this behaviour being called out was very unsettling. I’ve always known that the music industry is unequal – hence why Booty Bass was started in the first place – but to see up close and personal how grim it is for this behaviour to be challenged not only for the people involved, but the promoters, the venue, the staff… It’s not easy.

That’s why I feel so passionately about this discussion – which is open to everyone who wants to talk about how we tackle this as a city. Spaces are limited but the capacity is large and tickets are free here: How Do We Halt Harassment Tickets


If this is a subject that you are interested in tackling together, PLEASE get a ticket – bring a friend who’s not from the industry so we have a good range of opinions – and come to talk about how we can figure this out. Together we can make change.

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