Unveiling the Bristol Beacon Story Wall: A Journey Through History and Diversity


I hope this message finds you well as we step into the promising embrace of 2024. As I reflect on the past year, one filled with both challenges and triumphs, I am thrilled to share a project that has been close to my heart – the Bristol Beacon Story Wall. In the midst of physical and mental health struggles, this endeavour has been a beacon of inspiration and resilience that I am eager to unveil to you.

A Tapestry Unfolding: The Bristol Beacon Story Wall

Voices of the Past, Present, and Future

The Bristol Beacon Story Wall is a testament to 156 years of Bristol’s rich history, weaving together the narratives of local heroes, unsung voices, and luminaries who have graced our city. It is a celebration of diversity, resilience, and the power of unity that resonates through the ages.

A Collaborative Symphony of Voices

Under the visionary leadership of Cathy Mager, I had the privilege of supporting the Bristol Beacon Story Wall as part of their Heritage Project. The goal was to amplify the diverse voices echoing through the heart of our city, unearthing untold stories that deserved to be heard.

The project came to life through the remarkable talents of Northover And Brown, with Mel creating intricate drawings that invite viewers to discover something new with every glance. My role extended to creating and managing the Audio Guide, a crucial element in bringing this historical tapestry to life.

A Sonic Journey Through History: The Audio Guide

The Audio Guide is a melodic exploration that complements the Story Wall with music, soundscapes, and the authentic voices of Bristol. Conceived as lively and engaging mini-podcasts, the guide allows you to delve into each story panel whether you’re in the Bristol Beacon or halfway across the world.

Despite a year-long research process, the audio guide had to be created within a tight three-week deadline, fitting in after my breaks in Italy and Ghana. I enlisted the talents of Vanessa Kisuule, Danny Carlo Pandolfi, and myself as writers, with narration provided by a stellar lineup of voices. The music, an integral part of the experience, was composed and performed by myself, Tom Hackwell, and Bellatrix.

Experience the Bristol Beacon Story Wall for Yourself

As a cherished member of our community, I extend a personal invitation to experience the Bristol Beacon Story Wall. Take a journey through the foyer of Bristol Beacon or explore its intricacies from the comfort of your own space with the Audio Guide, available at [link].

Gratitude and Acknowledgments

This project, a monumental undertaking, came at the perfect time for me to immerse myself fully and create an inclusive experience that transcends time. I extend heartfelt gratitude to my collaborators, Cathy, and Bristol Beacon for entrusting me with such a significant piece of work.

May 2024 bring forth more projects championing inclusion, diversity, and the preservation of our shared stories. Here’s to the power of history, creativity, and the resilience that binds us together.

With warmth and gratitude,

Ngaio Anyia