This (was) going to be a fairly short entry because I have SO much work to do at the moment. You know those times when sleeping feels like a waste of hours…

But before I forgot I wanted to put up a foodie blog post because I’m really excited about food again.

After diva don Eva showing me the basics in Japanese food (I watched her whip up a feast in under an hour. What witchery is this…?) I had to try.

WaterSky in Eastville is good for sushi rice and seaweed wraps.

Sushi rice is easy to cook – (1 cup rice washed, top with 1.5 cups water, splash of rice vinegar and salt, bring to boil and turn heat down till all the waters absorbed. Turn off and leave stand for 10 mins)

While the rice was doing its thing I prepped far too much veg – be warned.

Then I put down a dishcloth, topped with a layer of clingfilm, and then the seaweed wrap. Spread on the rice evenly leaving roughly 1cm around the edges (in hindsight as you can see from the pics I got a wee bit over-excited with the filling, you really don’t need much)

Then, wrap! The good thing about the cling film and dishcloth is it makes the rolling easier and leaves you with less clearing up after because the towel catches it all!


The next weekend I was craving pizza, which is rare but I know when it comes to wheat it’s a slippery slope.

Enter… Sweet Potato Pizza crust (click link for the recipe) Oh. My. God. I can’t actually explain how much I love this. I would go so far as to say I prefer it to regular pizza.

I got the recipe from Blissful Basil and adapted by using spelt flour instead of gluten free flour (because I didn’t have any) and cornmeal instead of almond meal – but the results were still amazing.

Finally, a fabulous friend of mine gave me tickets for Grillstock. I wish I could say I tried the best pulled pork in the land…but in honesty I was only there for De La Soul .

I wasn’t in the best of moods, but the energy they brought to the stage was infectious. I don’t think anyone could have left feeling down. When you see performers who are there, not for money, but because they enjoy what they do it shows hard work and dedication can get you anywhere xxx


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