Every Vote Matters

Please, can we all just agree to use our vote… No party is perfect but there are some politicians who seem somewhat human. Don’t follow headlines blindly, look into the backgrounds of the people you vote for. There’s a lot of dodgy advice being passed around on social media to capitalise on our short attention span and internet anxiety.

I’m going to be very honest here and say before I worked for the BBC I actively avoided learning about politics because I know how I am. I hate to feel helpless, I hate feeling let down and I really hate wasting my time and that’s how I felt about politics. I still used my vote, I just asked my mum who she was voting for and did that because…suffragettes.

However, after 8 years of austerity, a country divided over Brexit and the constant slog that is trying to find the truth between misleading headlines – it’s becoming clear that we cannot rely on the media to tell us the truth when it comes to who’s running the country. Please, PLEASE, do your own research.

Things to ask yourself about the politician you want to lead the country:
– What choices have they made?
– Have they been consistent with their messaging?
– What policies have they backed?
– Which ones have they fought against?
– Do their morals and values align with yours?

Here’s a few articles that might help and the link to REGISTER TO VOTE!
Use your voice – every single one matters.

By choice, I’ve never voted before. But Jeremy Corbyn has changed my mind | Akala

I have a confession to make: I have never voted in a general election in my life. Despite attending more demos with my parents than I care to remember, I have never yet cast a vote. I can hear the voices of disapproval. Don’t bother; it has been a conscious choice.


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