Blog Post Número Uno

So I guess I’ve decided to start my blog today because it’s the first day I’ve actually been able to sit down and reflect on the major changes that have happened recently.

To ease you in I moved house at the beginning of this week. The location is amazing, right next to St Andrews park which is for any Bristolians who may be reading, the best place for the summer. My new home is small, wonderfully warm, and full of boxes. There’s been no time to unpack but I’ve got my cosy bed area sorted and really thats all that matters at the moment!

I’ve also entered the month mark of doing LighterLife which has been a big change but is something that is actually fairly easy to do and has such quick results it’s hard not to stay on track. I’ve been doing it for a month as I said and I’ve lost 1st4lb’s which are hard results to beat!

I’ve also very nearly got my music website up and running which I’m really excited about because it looks awesome thanks to my lovely friend Sophie O’Kelly designing it in her spare time for nothing except my undying love, which she of course has 😛

The bands going really well, me and my lovely guys have begun to introduce a drummer and are working on building up the horn section so that we can start doing bigger, better gigs. I’m also going to be going along to a rehearsal with a new reggae band because gigging with Laid Blak did show me how much I love singing reggae, chiiiiillll viiiibes. So we’ll see how that goes- keep ya posted.

Finally, is the best place for fashionable, affordable buys and I’ve fallen for these heels just a little bit….If only I could walk in heels! I will teach myself….

And despite not actually eating any conventional food at the moment I have started watching cookery shoes- not for any masochistic reason, purely because I love discovering new recipe’s so here’s one I watched today- – pork sausages with pineapple salsa. Now I’m not a pineapple fan but this salsa looked really rather good. I’ll be trying that once my life is lighter!

Right well, hope you enjoyed my first rambling blog!

Much love xox

P.S I would recommend ‘A Tiny Bit Marvellous’ by Dawn French- laugh out loud in the truest sense.

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