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So clearly I am the worst blogger like EVER. Laaaaaaaazy. In my defence, I didn’t want to bore people with mundane bits of information but as I have 3 followers, I don’t think it matters cause no-ones reading it aaaaaanyways!

Now I’ve had this epiphany (and am currently unemployed-more on that another day) I have de died I am going to blog AT LEAST once a week. I have no excuse now that’s have a swanky iPhone-the world is at my fingertips!

So look forward to many a post of my cooking inventions, I like to experiment, and if your lucky, some mundane thoughts.

I think my baking passion was born when I became completely obsessed with The Great British Bake Off. Bizarrely it was while I was dieting, I couldn’t go a day without watching some sort of cookery programme, although that was my favourite. So unsurprisingly I decided to try one of the recipes from the show this morning when I decided my very hungover friend needed some cupcake love. I call these little gems, Strawberry Inspired Orange Cupcakes!

Here’s where you can find the original recipe:

Cupcake love

Although I made a few amendments… Before any cooking began, I boiled an orange after zesting it and cutting it in half for about an hour until it was reeeeeally soft and then blitzed it with a hand blender. Keep the orange zest separate as I did do this once and blitzed the entire orange but the skin made the mix a bit bitter so better to zest it first and then boil.

I then made the cake mix according to the recipe above, and added in the orange mush at the end. Whilst tasting, add the zest bit at a time until you feel the taste is right. I’d probably use roughly half, but trust your tastebuds!

After lining the muffin cases, I put a dollop of cake batter into each cases, followed by 1/4 tsp of strawberry jam, and a 1/4 of chopped strawberry, before adding another dollop of cake batter. You want the piece of strawberry to be well covered to ensure it doesn’t burn in the oven.

Popped into the oven, I let them bake for roughly 20 mins whilst getting on with the icing. Again, I followed the recipe above pretty closely except for adding in strawberry jam instead of fresh strawberry’s and a little bit of the orange zest from earlier.

After allowing the muffins to cool, I made an icing bag out of a plastic zip lock bag and piped it on. As you can see from the photo, the first ones (left) took an a rather dog turd aesthetic…not ideal. So I attempted to do hearts on the rest of them.

Gotta say, pretty darn yummy! And before getting involved, I recommend watching this brilliant lady….

Happy baking kids!!! Xxx

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