We’ve only just begun

Wow, I don’t even know where to start – so much has happened in just one day! I’m so happy I’m recording all my conversations because there’s no way I’d be able to remember everything I’ve learned. Right now I’m waking up after 4 hours of sleep after a full day yesterday of changing money, going to a small market, driving around Lagos trying to get my bearings with Auntie Sharon – the best tour guide you’ll ever meet who’s translated for me, tried to teach my how to haggle, explained the money and walked me through the history of Lagos.

Popular fruit sold down the roads to sustain people through traffic
Beads, sculptures and ivory at the Eko Hotel market
Benin Bronzes – Hausa Women carrying milk to sell

Then after that was some networking time – I went to meet Douglas Jekan at Beat FM. I tell you what, that was a wicked show. Everything Douglas and his guests had to say was spot on about music, the self and how we all need to support each other. I hadn’t realised until speaking with him after that PGM supports the underground music – what’s new and fresh and alternative. How funny that I should meet other fans of the musical underbelly all the way in Nigeria, it’s meant to be no doubt.

I feel translucent here no joke 😂
Living it up with DJ Ayizan at Beat FM

There’s so much more to say but I didn’t get in til late and I’ve got 3 interviews to have this morning and then the Lagos Theatre Festival Opening Ceremony tonight with The Market inbetween. The big boy market. The market that houses 6 other markets – we thank God that I have my auntie Sharon because people think I’m fully white here. Even with my purple Afro my skin is so translucent it marks me out quick and I cannot haggle to save my life! But I’m here to learn – learn about the city and how things work and bwoy I am learning A LOT.

Maikano, the head market man & storyteller

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