We’re Open!

One good thing about quarantine is that it’s given me the space and time I needed to figure out how to set up a shop, take some pics of all the amazing things I’ve been making and collecting over the last year or so and actually get them up for sale!

The Shop

There are 3 collections:

The Upcycled – jumpers, hoodies and shirts that have been sourced from second hand shops and given a new lease of life with fabrics I’ve bought in West Africa. If you have a jumper you love but needs some TLC, drop me an email if you’d like to give it a new lease of life!

The Market – a selection of garments bought from my trip to Lagos from Balagou Market. All clothes are most suited to curvaceous ladies and will fit sizes 14 – 20. If I’ve put Large in the product title that means it’s best for size 16-20, if medium size 12-16 (it will be a loose 12). The dresses and 2 pieces are sewn with elastic so they adapt the curves to for a flattering figure-hugging fit.

The Fabric – Bought in Nigeria and Ghana, these are available to buy by the yard. The prints are absolutely amazing; striking and vibrant. If you want to do your own upcycling, here’s a few prints to get started with! Or if you want me to upcycle for you; pick a print, provide the garment and drop me an email!

Ok, let me know what you think! 💜

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