Um…. So where did that year go…?

Last post 6 March 2014…. WHAT??!! Where the hell did that YEAR go?!! I still feel like it was only yesterday I was with my Colombian family speaking bad Spanish and appreciating a simple life.

I learnt how to trust myself. I always say that you can’t have any kind of meaningful relationship is there isn’t any trust. Friendships, significant others, working relationships… Without trust as a main foundation, there’s only so far that relationship can progress. And yet despite always knowing that and being adamant about it, I never fully realised how important it was to trust myself. Trust my ideas, trust my complete lack of organisation, trust my body language when I didn’t have language to rely on. Trust my independence and my drive, trust that I can be happy living a life that isn’t manic.
I cannot even begin to explain how incredibly surprised I am at life right now. Ever since getting back from Colombia, things seem to have just worked themselves out. I was so lost before I went away. Maybe not obviously but I knew something was missing, and as corny as it sounds, I did go away and find myself. And what I mean by that is, I found something inside me that I hadn’t truly embraced before.

Now that things are starting to go in a more positive direction; career wise, music wise, life wise… I see now that the only thing holding me back before was me. I’d become complacent in every area of my life because I’d forgotten to keep opening doors for myself and seeing what good I could do. Now I’m happy with my levels of creativity, confidence and re-awakened thirst for knowledge. Not seeing any limits, that’s the real secret isn’t it? Strongly believing that you won’t fuck up just because people expect you to….

Anway, I´m rambling but the exciting news of the moment is the new job – winning an apprenticeship with BBC Radio Bristol to be trained for 15 months as a Broadcast Journalist (BA for short – yeah job title!).

And see this is how weird life is. When I started Open Uni four years ago whilst working full time, my first choice was journalism but after speaking to my careers advisor I was told that not only is journalism hugely competitive to get into in terms of work experience, it almost never comes with any kind of job security. So I left it and did music modules instead, (completed whilst I was travelling-so difficult but so worth it) packing it into the back of my mind as a dream that wasn’t meant to be.

Well well- how wrong I was, and how grateful I am. Not only because I get to be trained up by the BBC which is amazing in itself, but also because I get to exercise another part of my personality that might actually end up being a good earner in the end so I can continue being a musician for the love of it and not the money.

I started in October last year and will be there until December this year- I can’t believe how much has happened in those short 5 months alone. Here’s a few pics from the road so far, and I’m going to start posting up all the stuff I get broadcasted each month – see what y’all think.

I will also write about Colombia at some point, I don’t really know why I haven’t yet. There’s almost a mental block… I think because I miss my Murillo familia a lot. Anyway, ending on a high!!

I will come back to it, but until then – hit me up on insta @ngaioa and Twitter @ngaioanyia and check out my YouTube if you want to hear me doing that singing thing I sometimes do xxx

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