Time for a quickie?!

This is gonna be a super short post because I need to sort my life out instead of faffing around on melodylab…even though the latter is far more fun.

I just wanted to say a quick HOORAY!!! This has been a good week, hope your week has been equally fab. Why you ask? Well….

I got my mock results back for the exams I’ve been frying my brains with and I got a B in Court Reporting and an A in Essential Media Law which was a mahoooosive shock but a very happy one and it’s definitely given me confidence to go into the exams in No


I’ve started revising again already – no rest for the wicked! 

I am SO excited for you guys to hear what I’ve been working on when it’s finished… Here’s a little snippet of the chorus to wet your whistle! On Friday I went round to me buddy Chris Munky’s yig to get started on my EP which I’m aiming to have finished by next year. It’s gonna be political, I can tell you that much – but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be dire. This year has really been an awakening for me regarding safety, institutionalised racism, how drastically different people’s lives are depending on their background and the humility it takes to wake up to the fact that you may have been part of the problem…by not fully realising the problem.

The first half hour was terrifying, then I started to get into it. If you fancy having a listen,follow the links:Lastly, on Saturday I was left to fly freeee on Ujima 98fm for The BodyShock Show. I normally produce it for Addison Groove (every Saturday 6-8pm just fyi…) with Titus12 but this week they wre both away so I was left to my own devices…mwaaahahahahaaa.

Part 1: Ngaio Anyia presenting The Bodyshock Show Ujima98fm

Part 2: Ngaio Anyia presenting The Bodyshock Show Ujima98fm

So that’s it from me! Told you I’d be quick. Also, as you may have noticed I’ve wandered over to the straight side for the week cause my next gig as an Afronaught isn’t till the 19th (that’s gonna be a wicked gig, will report on it when it comes round) and I needed to trim my hair. However the fro WILL be back and thicker than ever xxx

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