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Yaa Asantewaa, queen mother of Ejisu in the Ashanti Empire – now part of modern-day Ghana, was appointed by her brother Nana Akwasi Afrane Opese, the Edwesuhene, or ruler, of Edwesu. In 1900 she led the Ashanti war known as the War of the Golden Stool, also known as the Yaa Asantewaa war, against British colonialism.

Asantewaa understood the ramifications of British occupation, although she could neither read nor write the English language. She is seen by Ghanaians today as a queen mother who exercised her political and social clout to help defend her kingdom. The experience of seeing a woman serving as political and military head of an empire was foreign to British colonial troops in 19th-century Africa.

Yaa Asantewaa’s call upon the women of the Asante Empire is based on the political obligations of Akan women and their respective roles in legislative and judicial processes.

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