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Ecuador, Baños: Literally translated as toilet….

I t’s hard for me to not judge Baños too harshly considering it was on arrival that I realised the inevitable had happened… My laptop had been stolen out of my backpack on the bus journey. All my music written, the essay due in 3 days that had taken 2 weeks to write, and all my […]

Cuenca; the most beautiful city in Ecuador

Cuenca was definitely worth a visit. There is a river that runs through the city and separates uptown from downtown. The hostel I stayed, La Casa Cuencana, was $8 a night and for a 4 bed dorm was very spacious and clean – even had a balcony. Well equipped kitchen and run by a friendly […]

Vilcabamba: Loja, Ecuador

Vilcabamba…. What a beautiful town. Located an hour away from Loja in the mountains it’s known for a laid back lifestyle and living healthy atmosphere being home to worlds largest population of elderly people….which is reflected in the nightlife… I went out once for my birthday to a place called Breakys and it was very bizarre. […]

Peru to Ecuador: Crossing the border

Ahhhhh so I actually made it across the border! I’m actually gonna break the day down a little bit because it was very surreal. 5.30am – woke up after 4 hours sleep and immediately administered the culo injections. At the time it was doable, when I look back, I feel physically sick. But hey! I did […]

Huacas del Sol y de la Luna

A very interesting site I visited was the sun and moon temples. There are two temples situated opposite each other at the base of a mountain. The Huaca del Sol was dedicated to politics, whilst the other was for religion, Huaca del Luna. At the time of my visit, the Huaca del Sol was still being […]

Bye Trujillo, Hello Piura

I have been shamefully awful at updating my travels, I know, but its mostly due to not having done much travelling yet. I’ve been chilling for a month in Trujillo, sunning myself at Huanchaco beach and generally getting used to Peruvian life.   However, I now have an ‘event’ to document… After being up all […]

Fun in the Clouds

HOLA!!! Ok, so quick entry as I’m about to go and have my first surfing lesson at Huanchaco beach. For those that do not know, this is not only hilarious because…well, me on a surfing board…but also, if I cannot master the balance of a bike on solid ground, I have minimal hope for a […]


How have I not yet posted about the hilarity of the trip that was Amsterdam?! Fail… Its so far back now that I don’t even remember half of it (though that could have been down to the ‘vibe’), but luckily I did some writing while I was out there which I’ve just found! So, here […]

First week (or so) in Trujillo

This morning is the first that I’ve felt mildly able to account for my time thus far. Having landed and settled in with my Peruvian family I’ve been frantically trying to learn Spanish as quickly as humanly possible whilst also finishing my online TEFL course and do my Open Uni readings… I do like to […]